This Cat Started Cleaning Herself. Now Watch How Her Kitten Reacts. AWW!

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Like many animals, when a kitten is born it relies on it’s mother for survival. They need a mama cat for protection, feeding, and most of all guidance. It’s ultimately up to mama to teach her kittens all the skills necessary to be successful cat.

In this post, we are going to show you an example of some motherly teaching. It’s so cute that you may feel its cuteness in the pit of your stomach. 

As this mama cat started to clean herself, her kitten, Neo, began to notice the behavior. He immediately started to copy her movements but struggled to get them down. His arms were simply too small and he couldn’t to get them over his head. Furthermore, he didn’t know how to use his tongue!

In the end, mama sees what’s going and simply does the cleaning for him. It’s a moment that you simply must see in order to appreciate. Check it out below.


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