This Boy Was Asked To Speak In Front Of His Classmates. What He Said? Heart Moving!

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The following video is a scene from the documentary film Happy. It was directed and produced by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Roko Belic. He made this film in order to explore human happiness.

In the video, you get to see youth counselor Michael Pritchard giving a presentation to the students at Benicia Middle School in California. He came to this school for one purpose: to help the “weak” students become strong and courageous. 

In this case, the “weak” students are the victims of bullying in school. When Michael started to speak about the problem of bullying, many students remained quiet. But the ones that knew what it felt like to get bullied, began to feel emotional. Then, he asked for volunteers to come up to speak in front of classmates. Two young boys went up and what they said is truly heart moving.

Watch the video below!


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