This Baby Managed To Crawl To The Dog. The Dog’s Reaction? The Cutest Thing Ever!

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The video you’re about to see has racked up nearly 11 million views. It’s the perfect combination of family friendliness and all around cuteness. It features a dog. a baby, and one incredibly precious moment.

In the video, you’re going to see a baby trying to crawl for the first time. As you would expect, the baby is having a real tough go at it. However, she continues to push forward because she wants to get to the family dog.

That’s when the dog notices her noble efforts. He starts to stare at her as she takes each little crawl towards him. It feels as if the dog is almost rooting the baby on as he watches her. When she finally gets to the dog, the best part of the video happens. The dog gives the baby a little “good job!” kiss on the lips! It’s a moment that’ll make you “aww” out loud!

Check it out below.


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