They Took Their Newborn Home. But When The Cat Saw Him? Priceless!

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If you are a pet owner, you must have had moments when your pet surprised you in a way you never expected. Since smartphones and cameras are everywhere nowadays, it has become convenient to capture such wonderful moments.

Our job here at Rosey News is to share those moments with you and hope they can put a big smile on your face. What you are about to see below is a priceless picture taken by a couple who just had their first baby.

When they brought their newborn baby into the house, their cat Roxy was completely shocked! It’s safe to assume that they definitely forgot to tell Roxy about the baby. But if they did tell her, they wouldn’t have been able to capture such an unforgettable look on her face. Check it out below!


“Are you telling me he is here to stay?”


After a few days, Roxy finally learned to accept the newborn baby and they are now best friends!



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