They Look Like 3 Normal Dogs…But As Soon As They Did THIS, I’m Totally Blown Away!

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Since the start of, we have shared hundreds of dog videos with our fans. Some of the videos are cute, others are funny, but all of them highlight something amazing about man’s best friend.

Today, we’re going to add to those hundreds by sharing another amazing dog video with you. The video is just a minute and 25 seconds long but don’t let the short duration fool you. This is one of the most impressive dog videos that we have ever had the privilege of sharing.

Uploaded by user kikopup, the video features a Border Collie, Terrier, and Chihuahua. With guidance from kikopup, these three dogs are going to show you a series of tricks.

Don’t worry, these aren’t the boring old speak, sit, bark, etc type of tricks. Due to kikopup’s experience as a professional dog trainer, these tricks are actually quite impressive. You’ll have a hard time not smiling as you see them in action!

Check it out below.


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