A Mysterious Voice Starts Taunting A Man. What Happens Next? OMG.. He Never Expected THIS.

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Are you feeling a little blue today? Could you use some sort of a pick-me-up? If so, you’ve clicked on the right post. We have a joke that’s guaranteed to get a chuckle out of you.

For the sake of story, pretend you’re a burglar for a second. You’ve just walked into a stranger’s home in the middle of the night. It’s pitch black and you’re using a small flashlight to sneak around the living room.

Suddenly, a voice shrieks “Jesus is watching you”. At that point you’d probably sprint out the door thinking that your cover has been blown. However, the burglar in the joke below, stuck around and lived to regret it in a hilarious way.

See the entire joke for yourself. Check it out below.




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