Teen grabs an unconscious baby from her mother after she hears frantic screaming.

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Back in 2014, one Missouri woman got the scare of a lifetime while shopping at her local Wal-Mart. As she pushed her cart down the aisle, her 11-month-old baby suddenly stopped breathing.

Mom went into panic mode and started screaming for help. A manager was quick to dial 911 but the proper authorities weren’t close by. For a moment, it seemed like the unthinkable was going to happen.

However, that’s when 17-year-old, Abbey Snodgrass, emerged from the crowd. She recently learned how to perform CPR in her high school health class. Unfortunately, she’s never actually performed it on a real person.

Despite the fact that Abbey was inexperienced and surrounded by chaos, she managed to keep a cool head. Abbey recalled her training perfectly and managed to save the baby’s life. It was incredible act of heroism.

Store security cameras managed to capture the entire event on video. Take a look below to see the footage and learn more about Abbey’s story.


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