A Man Walks Into A Cafe After Business Hours. When He Sees THIS? He Can’t Believe It!

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Greece, like many other Eastern European countries, is facing a huge pet population problem. Seeing stray cats or dogs walking down the street is an everyday sight. Worst of all, little has been done to curb this problem.

Simply put, the government of Greece doesn’t treat the pet population as a priority. There are far too many strays and very few shelters to take them in. This leads to a life of hardship and over breeding for many animals.

Fortunately, some citizens, like the owner of Hot Spot Cafe, are trying to make the situation a little better. Each night before they close, Hot Spot Cafe opens its doors to stray animals. They want the animals to get a good night sleep without being cold or worrying about their safety.

This kindhearted policy towards strays has made them quite the hit with the local community. When photographer, Eustratios Papanis, snapped a picture of the scene, his image went viral on Facebook. People from all over the world are now praising Hot Spot Cafe.

Take a look below to see the image.


Eustratios Papanis

What a beautiful sight! In a world filled with so much hate, greed, and negativity, moments like remind us of the good that is out there.

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