This Photo Received Over 1,000,000 Likes On FB. The Reason? Take A Look To The Left.

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As Facebook user, Al Robinson, stepped outside his store, he stumbled upon a very beautiful moment. Just a few steps from where he was standing, a young African American man noticed that an elderly woman was having trouble walking.  Instead of just ignoring her, he decided to help the senior citizen.

He took the woman’s hand, walked her to her car, and even held the door so she could get in safely. Al Robinson was so touched by the kind gesture that he immediately snapped a photo of the moment.

“83-year-old white lady and 28-year-old black man. These two had never seen each other until today and probably never will again. He helped her get to her car and even opened the door and held it so it wouldn’t close as she tried to get in. Just one person helping out another, the way life should be.” – writes Al Robinson on Facebook.

In a world filled with so much hate, violence, injustice, and ignorance, moments like this are very refreshing to see. It’s a reminder that not everything in the world is as bad as the 24 hour news networks make them out to be. There are still plenty of good people in the world who are willing to lend a hand to their fellow man.


Al Robinson

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