Man Starts Spying On His Dog.. Now Watch What The Dog Does When No One’s Looking.. LOL!

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Whenever Colin Ramos put his chihuahua, Maddie, in her doggy pen, she would always find a way to escape. It was the strangest thing because the pen seemed very secure. It was too high to be jumped, there was no holes, and Maddie is usually too mild mannered to attempt something mischievous.

Colin wanted to get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon. To do so, he decided to pull a little trick on Maddie. Colin put her in the doggy pen, grabbed his camera, pretended to close the door, and started watching her closely.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long to see what was going on. It turns out Maddie wasn’t doing much to escape the doggy pen. Her best friend, a cat named Rudy, was the one letting her out.

The second that Rudy hears the door close, he quickly runs over to the doggy pen. The big cat uses his weight to push down the sides and this lets Maddie walk out with ease. The two friends then proceed to chase each other around the house.

It’s cute, funny, and all around awesome. Check it out below.


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