He Spotted 4 Horses Lying Down. Now Keep Watching…This Is Just PRICELESS LOL!

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Before you watch this following video, make sure to turn up your volume. What you’re about to listen to is just hilarious!

Four horses were spotted lying down on the grass on a sunny morning.

The man then walked up to them to see what was going on. Turns out, they were taking a nap and they were snoring loudly.

Since this video was shared online, many people left comments saying that the horses sound like they are in pain.

But the truth is not only are they not in pain, every movement and sound the horses make in this video are completely normal.

Aimee Pister, a retired horse breeder, said in her comment that these horses are well fed and healthy. If they were in pain, they would be moving and rolling around. Moreover, the reason they sleep like this is because they feel safe.

Watch the priceless moment in the video below!


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