Social worker adopts a little boy after 2 families returned him for having flaws.

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Since the day he was born, young Taylor has lived a very difficult life. His biological parents were drug abusers who neglected him, he has dealt with terrible foster homes, and he has faced abandonment multiple times.

Back in 2003, Taylor and his sisters were adopted by a family. Unfortunately, the family felt that he had anger issues and they didn’t want to deal with it. As if Taylor were a broken appliance, they decided to return him while keeping his sisters.

Several years later, Taylor was adopted once more. Sadly, it turned out to be the same exact story as his previous family. They returned him when they realized that he had anger issues.

Taylor’s social worker, Connie Going, was shocked by all of this. She couldn’t believe the way people were treating this little boy who’s never even had a real family. That’s when she decided to step up and do something incredible.

Check it out below.


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