Lost dog sneaks into empty police car to ask for a ride home.

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At 1 AM in the morning, Deputy Hammell noticed a suspicious car in a parking lot in Tuolumne.

He then walked up to the vehicle to speak with the driver and the passengers. When he returned to his car, he saw a dog sitting inside!

Tuolumne County Sheriff


As he was investigating, Deputy Hammell left his car door open, allowing the dog to get in.

Tuolumne County Sheriff

Fortunately, the dog had a collar on him, which had his name and his owner’s address on it.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook:

“Ruger had made himself comfortable while Dispatch located his owner’s address from the information listed on his collar. He fell fast asleep in the warm patrol car as his owners were located.”

Tuolumne County Sheriff


According to his owners, Ruger got lost in the evening. But he was smart enough to know that the police would help him get home.

“Deputy Hammell gave him a ride home and Ruger’s owners were very pleased to see him as they had been looking for him all evening. We enjoyed having him for a short ride along this morning and are thankful we were able to return him to his family.”

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