What She Found Inside Of A Children’s Slide Is SHOCKING. Her Discovery Is Now Going VIRAL.

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When Torquay native, Amy Smith, took her daughter, Demi-Mai, to the park, she thought it would be a joyous occasion. Her daughter would get to play with all her friends while mom happily watched from a park bench.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. In fact, the experience turned out to be so traumatizing that Demi-Mai is now afraid of going back to the park.

As Demi-Mai played on the park jungle gym, she suddenly decided to jump down the spiral slide. However, when she landed at the bottom, Demi-Mai’s happy demeanor was no more. The poor little girl was now bawling her eyes out.

Amy Smith immediately rushed to her daughter’s side. That’s where she saw a gut wrenching sight. Demi-Mai’s legs were all cut up and bleeding quite badly.

Mom quickly inspected the spiral slide to locate the source of injury. What she found is so shocking that it’s now going viral on social media. Some sick minded individual or group purposefully placed broken glass on the slide in order to harm to children.


Amy Smith

The good news is Demi-Mai is going to be alright. After a visit to the emergency room, doctor’s did not even need to give her stitches. She is currently making a full recovery at home.

Amy is now warning parents to check all playground equipment before letting their children play on it. While Demi-Mai may have gotten away with minimal injuries, another child might not be so lucky. She doesn’t want anyone to go through the pain that she has went through.

Police are still looking for the person responsible for this crime.

Please pass this important message on to your friends and family.


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