She Took Her Son To School. Seconds Later, THIS Happened And Tears Started Flowing…

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When it comes to the title of “man’s best friend”, no animal can compete with dogs. They’re our companions, protectors, workers, and some cases even our heroes. Best of all, you can always count on their love to be unconditional and limitless.

Today, we’re going to be showing you an example of just that. The amount of love that this dog has for his owner is just unbelievable. When you see the video, you may just “aww” out loud.

When YouTube user, Gabriela Chambers, took her son to school, she decided to bring their dog, Dixie, along for the ride. It was suppose to be a little treat for both the dog and her son. But, when her son leaves the car, something incredibly touching happens.

Dixie immediately begins to cry and pout. The loving pooch just can’t handle being separated from her owner. To Dixie, the 8 hour school day feels like her owner has been gone for an eternity.

It’s cute, slightly sad, but above all else heart warming. See the special moment for yourself. Check it out below.


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