She Told Her Dog It Was Bed Time.. When I Saw His Reaction.. I Couldn’t Stop AWWing..

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Putting kids to bed can be a real hassle for parents. The energetic kids want to stay up and play for as long as possible. While parents need to convince them to do the complete opposite. Naturally, this can cause quite a bit of conflict in the household.

Today, we’re going to be looking at an adorable example of this conflict. However, the star of this video isn’t going to be a human child. It’s actually a cute little french bulldog puppy!

When user, frogfrenchiefun, told her puppy it was time for bed, the pup immediately began protesting her decision. He whined, barked, and did just about everything you’d expect a human child to do.

In the same way that a parent would deal with a child, the french bulldog’s owner refused to give into the puppy’s whines. She held her ground and simply told him it was time for bed. In a matter of seconds, the puppy gives into his mama’s demands in the most adorable way.

I won’t spoil what the puppy does specifically but I will say that it’s absolutely priceless. You simply need to see the video to appreciate the cuteness of the moment. Check it out below.


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