She Taught Her Dogs A Special Trick. You Won’t Be Able To Stop Smiling When You See What It Is.

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The following video comes to you all the way from China. It showcases a special little trick that one dog owner taught to not just one but all four of her dogs. We think you’re going to absolutely love it.

As the video starts, you’re going to see four dogs seated in front of a table. They’re patiently waiting for their owner to give them their dinner Just as she is about to do that, the special little trick happens. 

The owner actually commands her dogs to say grace before eating! They all put their heads down as their owner says a prayer and immediately rise back up when she says “amen”. To make things even cuter, after the dogs finish their meals, they pick up their empty bowls, and hand them over to their owner.

See the awesome moment for yourself, take a look below.

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