She Takes 2 Dogs To The Park. When THIS Happens…She BREAKS Into Tears…

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Like many soldiers in the United States, Joshua began suffering from PTSD after coming back home from the war in Afghanistan. Things were getting worse everyday and he eventually decided to move to California to get a new start.

However, this meant he had to leave his two dogs behind in Louisiana. Fortunately, he found people who were willing to look after his dogs while he was away. Their names are Tia and Mariah.

Months later, Joshua was ready to take care of the dogs again. Mariah flew all the way from Louisiana to California to reunite him with his dogs.

When they finally met at the park, Mariah broke into tears. She never expected herself to become so emotional but as soon as she saw the way Joshua and the dogs reacted, she just lost it.

Ever since Joshua moved to California, they started eating less and became very skinny. Hopefully, they won’t have to separate from each other again.

Watch the video below for the entire story!


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