She Gave Her Dog A Bowl Of Water. Now Watch What Happens When He Takes A Sip… LOL!

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When YouTube user, Beth Martin, came home after a long walk with her dog, Ollie, she decided to pour him a bowl of water. Naturally, she expected Ollie to just drink up and go on his way. Beth never thought that recording such a simple moment would result in internet fame.

However, that’s exactly what wound up happening to Beth. Her video has already amassed an impressive 60,000 views in just a few short days. It won’t be long before it hits the 100,000 views milestone.

You’re probably asking yourself “how did such a dull moment become so popular?”. The answer is simple, when Beth poured the water into Ollie’s bowl, she didn’t realize that it was cold. Being only 11 weeks old at the time, Ollie was quite surprised when his tongue touched the water.

It was actually his first experience with cold water and he didn’t know how to react. After every sip, the cold sensation caused Ollie to jump back in a confused manner. This cycle of drinking water and running away from it went on for about a minute straight!

You simply must watch the video in order to appreciate the cuteness of the moment. Check it out below.


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