280lb Biker has a message for the woman who called him a “dirty biker” for no reason.

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He is 280lbs, full of tattoos, and has the the complete look of biker. Based on his looks alone, many people see him as a bad man.

In reality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This man is college educated, has a family, and his mother couldn’t prouder of him. There simply isn’t a single nefarious bone in his body. 

However, that doesn’t stop people from stereotyping him in a negative light. Recently, he passed by a little a girl in a SUV and said “hello” to her with a smile. The girl’s mother quickly grabbed her daughter away from him. In front of the man, she said to the little girl: “No dear, we don’t talk to dirty bikes.”.

As you would expect, this took the man completely by surprise. Instead of arguing with the family, he vented his frustrations on the internet. Check out his incredible message to the family in the picture below.


dontjudge (1)


Once again, the old saying “never judge a book by its cover” proves to be true. I just wish more people took the saying seriously.

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