He Sets Up A Camera. Now Keep Your Eyes On His Dog. OMG…This Is Too Good To Miss!

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YouTube user shanek291 is a guitar player. He also has a beloved Pitbull named Doogie. In this video, he’s going to perform the song he wrote for Doogie.

With Doogie right behind him, he sets up the camera. As soon as he begins playing his guitar, Doogie jumps on him and hugs him tightly.

Now just make sure you keep your eyes on his dog as he sings. The look on Doogie’s face is absolutely heart melting. It is as if he totally understands what the song is about.

Towards the end of the video, Doogie suddenly becomes a little aggressive and starts licking his owner’s face. It is guaranteed to be the sweetest thing you will see all day.

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Check it out below.


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