When You See What This Puppy Does To Get His Stolen Bed Back, You’ll Lose It!

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Youtube user, Pixel, is the owner of a 10 week old puppy and a fully grown cat. Like human siblings, his puppy and cat simply can’t stop bickering. It happens so much that Pixel started recording some their funny moments.

One hilarious ongoing battle between the two is for the bed. The bed rightfully belongs to the puppy but the cat frequently takes it up herself to lay down on it. Naturally, the puppy does not like this sort thievery. 

So what does the puppy do? He fights for his bed every single time and it’s just downright hilarious. The pup never gets into any actual contact with the cat due to the fear of being scratched. He just uses a hilariously clever system to winning back his bed. It only works about 50% of the time for the pup but it makes us laugh 100% of the time. Check out their priceless battle in the video below.

He may of won this round but it’s safe to say the cat will be back for more later. We just hope Pixel gets it on video.


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