The Second This Video Starts You’ll Instantly Have The Biggest Smile On Your Face.

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When a baby is born, they enter the world without any knowledge whatsoever. Every little object, feeling, emotion, etc is completely new to them. Sometimes, this lack of understanding creates moments that are just plain hilarious.

In this post, we are going to be looking at an example of just that. It involves a baby, an unexpected object, and a reaction that is absolutely priceless! 

Whenever Evelyn Terastvatsatrian held the TV remote around her baby something strange would happen. Her son would immediately get wide eyed and excited for seemingly no reason. Upon further inspection, Evelyn realized the cause of this strange behavior.

Her son was simply fascinated by the TV remote! This prompted Evelyn to get the camera out and record his adorable reactions. We’re glad that she did because her video making people smile all over the world now.

Check it out below.


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