Runners Looked To Their Left And Saw The Unexpected. Seconds Later, I Was In TEARS!

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Joe Bell is a 95-year-old World War II veteran. On the day of the San Jose marathon, he decided to show support for the runners by standing outside of his home with his army uniform on.

As the runners sped by, Joe cheered them on and clapped for them. They started clapping for Joe as well. About ten seconds later, one runner suddenly approached him to shake his hand and thank him for serving the country.

Then, more and more runners stopped to pay their gratitude. Joe was just overwhelmed by how much respect these strangers had for him. They certainly gave him the biggest smile that day.

All in all, this is just incredibly heartwarming to watch. By thanking him, the runners were able to make him feel that America is truly grateful for everything he had done.

Veterans have sacrificed more than we can imagine and they will always deserve our support. If you agree, share this inspirational video with your friends!

Watch it below.


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