A Little Boy Starts Pretending To Be A Royal Guard Then An Actual Guardsmen Starts Having Fun With Him.

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In several countries across Europe, royal guards are assigned to protect the residence of the king or queen of a given nation. Needless to say, these men are fully operational soldiers who take their jobs very seriously.

They can be seen standing perfectly still for hours on end at popular tourist destinations such as Buckingham Palace. You’d be hard pressed to see them showing any sort of emotions while on duty.

However, that’s exactly what makes the following video so special. As one young boy pretended to be a royal guard in Stockholm, Sweden, the guardsmen actually showed some emotion. He started imitating the movements of the little boy.

The moment wound up being so cute that it went vital on YouTube. Since being posted, it has received over 6.3 million views and counting. Take a look below to see the adorable moment for yourself.


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