Puppy Was Helplessly Stranded On A Busy Highway. But Then? An Angel Appeared.

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The following video was captured in Lima, Peru. It was a busy day with lots of traffic. Then, people noticed a puppy that was stranded in the middle of the highway. With so many cars passing by, the dog was so frightened that it could hardly move its body. Nobody knows how the puppy ended up being there, but something had to be done.

However, the pedestrians who saw this were all too afraid to cross the road to save the stranded puppy. We cannot blame them because it is without a doubt scary to get so close to cars speeding by. Also, many drivers were not willing to stop and let people walk across the road like that. 

Then, a miracle happened! A police officer arrived and saved the day. His name is Juan Manuel Iman Zena and he has become an Internet hero after this kind-hearted act. We hope they can return this puppy to his owners and never let this happen again.

Check out the video below.


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