Principal Is All Alone In School. Watch What He Does When He Turns Around. HILARIOUS!

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Several days ago, Waterloo Elementary School in Maryland had to close due to heavy snowfall. While students were asked to stay home to keep warm, Sean Martin, the principal, decided to come to school all by himself.

First, he explains in front of the camera that he wants to show his students how productive he is as a principal, even on a blizzard day.

Now just keep watching. He’s about to go around the entire school and do things that are just downright hilarious. We are not going to spoil for you but when you see it, it’s definitely going to make you laugh.

Sean recorded this video for his teachers and students to watch, but never expected it to get so many views and comments online.

It’s just awesome to see a principal who loves his job and school so much. If you enjoyed his video, share it with your friends!

Check it out below.


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