Be Prepared To Be STUNNED! Only 12 People In The World Can Do What This Man Does!

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Ever since computers were invented, writing by hand has become less and less important in modern society. These days, people communicate with each other mostly by texting or Emails.

Now with that being said, the art of penmanship is not completely dead. In this following video, we would like to introduce you to a master penman named Jake Weidmann, who was inducted into the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting in 2011.

In the entire world, there are only twelve master penmen. As of now, Jake is the youngest one.

He explains in the video that when he was a teenager, he was always trying to perfect his handwriting skills while his classmates and friends were typing on laptops.

After many years of practice, not only has Jake become a master penman, he is also an artist whose drawings, sculptures, and paintings are unbelievably beautiful.

Watch the video below and be prepared to be stunned!


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