Policemen performs an act of immense bravery after seeing a drunk driver speeding.

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Picture this, you’re a police officer and you see a drunk man driving on the wrong side of the interstate. The man is speeding recklessly with no regard for human life. What would you do? Wait for him to crash and potentially hurt an innocent person? Or do you chase him while putting your own life in great danger?

For Arkansas State Trooper 1st Class, Roy Moomey, the decision was simple. Living up to his duty to protect and serve, he decided to put his life on the line in order to stop the drunk maniac. Moomey did something that very few people would even consider.

“This Morning, Arkansas State Trooper 1st Class Moomey hit a drunk driver head on, ON PURPOSE. The drunk was speeding the wrong way on the interstate, obviously posing a grave danger to others. The drunk driver died, the Trooper is barely hanging on. The trooper made a deliberate, informed decision to stop a threat despite a very low chance of survival for himself.

He quite literally put himself between innocents and a threat. The Hallsville Community and the Hallsville First Responders stand and salute you Arkansas State Trooper 1st Class Moomey for your sacrifice and heroism.”


Paul Montoya

Currently, Moomey is alive but his road to recovery is going to be a long one. Our hats go off to him for his immense bravery.


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