Pizza Delivery Driver Received An Unforgettable Surprise At A Church.

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Jeff Lewis works as a pizza delivery driver. On the day this video was recorded, he was asked to go to work early, even though the restaurant wasn’t supposed to open until noon. Turns out, there was a big order that they needed him to take care of.

After loading up his car with all the food, he was told to deliver them to a church. When he arrived, several people from the church came out to greet him. They then asked him to choose one of the pizzas and take it to the pastor on stage.

Jeff thought it was the weirdest thing ever, but he did it anyways. What ended up happening is something he never expected.

Every person in that church tipped him and it was a total of $700! He simply couldn’t believe it.

As Jeff tells the story in front of the camera while sitting in his car, he could hardly control his tears. Wait till you find out why he started tearing up.

Watch his video below.


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