He Started Eating In Front Of A Hungry Stray Pit Bull.. Now Watch How The Dog Reacts…

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On January 29, 2016, just before closing time, Granite Hills Animal Care received a call about a stray female pit bull. The dog was found walking all alone on a country dirt road. She was described by the people who found her as “starving”.

When veterinarian, Dr. Andy Mathis, saw the pit bull in person, he was shocked. The dog was not only starving but also suffering from many different illnesses. In fact, it was so bad that Dr. Mathis quickly began to debate whether he should put her down or not.


Granite Hills Animal Care

Being a huge dog lover, Dr. Mathis struggled to make a decision.  He took to his Facebook page and asked his followers what he should do. The followers told him that he should try his best to save the dog.

In case his efforts were to fail, his Facebook followers named the pit bull Graycie Clair. The reason? “We hate the thought that any pet gets sent to rainbow bridge or passes away without a name”.


Granite Hills Animal Care

Due to the lack of staff before closing time, Graycie was transported to the teaching hospital at UGA. In the morning, her status turned out be a slightly better than expected. Unfortunately, there was still a tremendous amount of work ahead of them if they wanted to save Graycie.

“She has a pursestring suture holding her uterus in, a urinary catheter to be able to urinate, and an E collar- none of which can be removed until she is spayed, probably.”


Granite Hills Animal Care


As they days passed, Graycie slowly started improving. Her urinary catheter, pursestring suture and E collar were removed. She began eating routinely and her weight increased accordingly.

Things were looking brighter for the lovable pooch every single day.


Granite Hills Animal Care

In the video below (may take a second to load), you can see Graycie barking for the first time. It’s beyond cute!

“I heard an unfamiliar bark in the back . . .”

Here is what Graycie looks like today. She isn’t 100% healed yet but her condition has improved greatly. We have no doubt that this beautiful girl will find a forever home in the future!


Granite Hills Animal Care

Here’s the moment that made this story go viral. It’s a video of Dr. Mathis eating from a dog bowl inside of a kennel. He is doing his best to encourage Graycie to eat her breakfast.

The level of compassion and kindness this man has towards his dogs is simply amazing. These are the moments that really revitalize a person’s faith in humanity. Check it out below.

(video may take a moment to show up/load)


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