Pedestrians Can’t Believe Their Eyes When They See What This Dog Has On Its Back.

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Colorado native, Gregory Pike, has always had a profound interest in animals. So much so, that he has been studying animal psychology in his spare time for the last 30 years. Without the help of a college education, Gregory has managed to teach himself everything there is to know about the field.

During a random chat that took place nine years ago, Gregory was told it would be impossible for a cat, dog, and mouse to be friends. Instead of just accepting it as a fact, he decided put the statement to test. Gregory knew deep down that he could prove the naysayers wrong.

Gregory was already the owner of a loving Rottweiler-Labrador mix named Booger. Now, the next step was to introduce a kitten into their lives. Gregory managed to do that by adopting a kitten that was found in a box under someone’s house.

When Gregory brought the kitten home, Booger quickly adopted it as one of her own. While Booger raised Kitty, Gregory made sure to have mice around both of the animals. His goal was to make both animals as comfortable as possible around mice.

After a while, Booger and Kitty fell in love with one of the mice that was around them. The so called impossible trio of love was now complete. Gregory proved the naysayers wrong but more importantly taught us a powerful lesson.

Somebody has to go around and show people that nothing’s impossible, and that we’re still a free country, and we need to think about the possibilities of peace and working things out” Said Gregory Pike.

Gregory has traveled all across the country with the loving trio. He gets an incredible responses no matter where he goes. His message of love and acceptance is being spread like wild fire.

See the incredible trio for yourself. Check it out below.


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