Reporter confronts a man for being racist only to realize he’s made a hilarious mistake.

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The following video is a part of an old news report from Australia. Initially, the purpose of the story was to confront a man for being shockingly racist. However, towards the end of the video, something completely unexpected happens.

The man, who’s name is not revealed in the video, took out an ad in a the local newspaper to sell his home. He listed it as 3 bedroom home with new carpeting and an excellent proximity to the city. Unfortunately, he ends his ad by writing “No Asians thank you”.

People were stunned by the man’s blatant and very illegal racism. When the local news team got word of the ad, they sent out a reporter to investigate. As the interview began, the man defended his advertisement without hesitation.

Within a minute or so, it becomes clear to the reporter that there has been a huge misunderstanding. This entire fiasco is simply the result of misspelling one word. The man’s intention was to put “No agents thank you”.

When the two men realize the error, they can’t help but crack up. The moment went from disgusting to innocently cute very quickly. Take a look below to see it for yourself.

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