One Of His Passengers Was Acting Strange.. But Then? He Learns The TERRIFYING Truth..

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Around 10:40 AM, A little boy was kidnapped from the Milpitas Public Library. The police were quick to arrive on the scene but were unable to locate the boy. As per protocol, the police immediately sent out a text alert to all people in the area.

Valley Transportation Authority bus driver, Tim Watson, was one of the people who received that alert. An hour after reading the alert, a man who matched the description of the kidnapper entered his bus with a distressed child. Tim immediately began concocting a plan to save the little boy.

Instead of making a scene, Tim pulled the bus over and told all passengers that he needed to check the aisle for a lost backpack. In reality, Tim was just trying to get another look at the suspect before alerting the authorities.

Once his suspicions were confirmed, Tim proceeded to step outside the bus in order to call the police. He was advised to act normal and just drive the bus to the last stop. That’s where police officers would be waiting for the suspect.

Fortunately, this plan worked out perfectly. Police successfully arrested the suspect and brought the little boy to safety. Best of all, no one was harmed in the process.

See the entire story for yourself. Check it out below.


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