Older Dog Tricks The Puppy Into Doing The Most Hilarious Thing Ever. I Am In Tears!

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In most cultures, it seems that it’s quite common for older siblings to pick on their younger brothers or sisters. But did you know that this could also happen among animals?

In the video below, you get to see an older dog play a trick on a puppy while outside in the snow. But what’s interesting is that there is a circular snow path right where they are playing. The older dog is about to use this path in a way that will have you laughing like crazy! 

First, he chases the puppy into this path. After one time around the loop, he then runs off, leaving the puppy running around by herself thinking that she is still being chased! What’s truly hilarious is that the older dog does the same thing and manages to trick the puppy again! You have to see this.

Check out the funny video below!


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