Officer Sees An Unconscious Man. Now Take A Look To The Right.. This Is Going VIRAL..

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On March 1st 2016, Officer Eric Gaines, was patrolling the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. As he turned the corner, he noticed something terrible unfolding. A homeless man was sleeping on the ground while a teenager knelt down next to him.

Judging by the teenager’s body language, Officer Gaines thought the homeless man was quietly being robbed. However, as he prepared to confront the teenager, Officer Gaines realized his assessment was completely wrong.

.The teenager wasn’t looking to steal from the homeless man. He was actually praying for the man to find a better life. Officer Gaines quickly snapped a picture of the moment and posted it on Facebook.

Since posting it, the image has gone super viral. It has received over 32,000 shares in the last few days alone. Needless to say, the photo has been a source of smiles for millions of people from all over the world.

See it for yourself. Check it out below.


“I watched as this young kid was walking pass, stopped and walked over to this sleeping homeless man; touched him and began praying over him… This was an amazing sight! I pray this kid becomes a leader amongst his peers, and continues on this path!! Not all Baltimore youth are lost!!” – Gaines wrote on his Facebook

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