He Found A Strange Looking Box On The Street. When He Looks Inside? He Sees THIS.. Oh My..

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As San Francisco native, Jene, walked down mission street, he noticed a suspicious looking box. According to Jene, several people approached the box, peaked inside, and simply walked away. Feeling extremely curious, he also decided to take a look.

What he saw inside the box absolutely broke his heart. It was a helpless chihuahua that couldn’t even walk. The pup was born with a deformity that caused her front legs to never fully develop.

Jene couldn’t believe that so many people blatantly ignored the dog. He proceeded to pick up the chihuahua, wrapped it in his shirt, and took her to the local SPCA. That’s where the pup managed to receive proper care and treatment.

The SPCA fitted the chihuahua, now named Daffodil, with custom prosthetic legs. With the help of prosthetics, Daffodil was able to run around like a normal dog for the first time in her life. It was beautiful moment.

To make things even better, little Daffodil also managed to find a forever home. When a staff member from the prosthetics company saw the adorable pup, she decided to submit an adoption application. The SPCA approved her application and Daffodil finally found herself a real home!

See the entire story for yourself. Check it out below.


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