Mom Starts Filming Her Two Dogs. 7 Seconds Later? This Will CRACK You Up LOL!

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This video, uploaded by YouTube user Doggy Double Act, is the newest guilty dog video on the Internet. We have shared several similar videos in the past but we promise you, this one is just as funny!

The names of these two dogs are April (the small dog) and BB (the big dog). After coming home, their owner took a look at the box of Dentastix she bought and it was completely empty. For those that don’t know, Dentastix are treats that help clean a dog’s teeth.

With the empty box in her left hand, she started questioning them. As soon as she asked “what is this?”, April and BB immediately turned around and walked to their bed.

But as you can guess, their owner wasn’t going to let them get away with it that easily. She went up to them and kept asking who did it.

Just keep watching till the end. How April and BB reacted is just too funny for words!

Check it out below:


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