Keep Your Eyes On This Baby. What’s About To Happen Here Will Totally Make You Laugh!

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The mother in this video has a pair of twins, whose names are Reese and Callan. One day, while sitting down with them on the couch, Callan started playing with her purse for fun.

Then all of a sudden, Reese began “belly laughing”. According to their mother, this was the first time she laughed like this.

For some reason, she just found it funny the way her twin brother was playing with the purse.

As you are about to see, their mother couldn’t help but laugh along with her.

She explained that it was just wonderful to see the two of them interact with each other like this.

This is definitely a video that they will be watching over and over again. It’s just too precious.

Check it out below!
(video may take a few seconds to load.)


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