Mom Gave Birth To 10 Puppies. But The 9th One STUNNED Everybody…Here’s Why.

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When Ricochet was born, her owner Judy started training her, hoping that she could become a service dog in the future. Since Ricochet was always able to learn things quickly, Judy had no doubt in her mind that she was going to be a successful service dog.

However, at 14 weeks of age, Ricochet lost interest in training. Judy tried many different methods to motivate her, but nothing worked. It was extremely frustrating for the two of them.

One day, she was taken outside and saw birds for the first time. Immediately, she chased after them. It was the happiest thing she had ever done. But Judy on the other hand was very disappointed because service dogs are supposed to be well-mannered and disciplined. Behaviors such as chasing things are considered reckless and could be a risk to a disabled person.

Instead of forcing Ricochet to become something she was not, Judy decided to let her live the life she wanted. Make sure you watch the entire video. You’ll be amazed!

Check it out below.


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