Mom Caught Her Baby Talking To The Dog. Try Not To Laugh At This. I Bet You Can’t!

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The mother in the following video, suddenly heard her baby babbling. She started recording right away hoping to capture some of the very first words that her baby was going to say.

However, the baby was not alone. The family dog, a Husky, was also there right in front of the baby. But what happened next really shocked her at first. Then, she couldn’t help but started laughing! 

Everytime the baby finished babbling a couple words or phrases, the dog would howl back, as if they were having a conversation that only they could understand! While there is no way for us to figure out just what they are saying, we can tell they are sure having fun. At certain parts of the video, it also sounds like the dog is just imitating what the baby is saying. But either way. This video is hilariously cute! Check it out.


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