Mom Asks, ‘Did You Chew Up The Pen?’ Now Watch How The Pup Reacts… LOL!

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The following video is courtesy of user So Snanoudj. It’s only 17 seconds but it’s currently one of the most viral videos on the internet. We think you’re going to love it because it has perfect combination of cute and funny.

In the video, you’re going to see a french bulldog named Niko. As Niko is walking through the doggie door, his owner asks him: “Niko did you chew up the pen?”. That’s when the little frenchie hilariously stops in his place. 

Niko realizes that he has been busted. His body language quickly turns from normal to extremely guilty looking. The little pup puts his head down in shame and starts to slowly walk backwards out through the doggie door.

It’s a moment you simply must see in order to truly appreciate. Check it in the video below.

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