Woman gives birth to two “magical babies” who help cure her lifelong migraine problem.

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Since she was 14 years old, Kate C. Thompson has suffered from hemiplegic migraines. People who suffer from this condition experience a temporary weakness on one side of their body as part of their migraine attack.

As the years went by, the frequency and severity of the migraines started to increase dramatically. Kate tried all sorts of treatments but nothing seemed to work. However, that’s when something special happened.


Take a look below to see her entire story.

“Starting at age fourteen I was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines. These are migraines which come with paralysis and other serious neurological effects and are a rare and misunderstood condition. Ten years later the migraines changed from only being bad once a month to being chronic. I had every day pain or serious neurological symptoms. For three years doctors tried to bring them under control. I was given dozens of medications, they tried Botox, nerve blocks and different diets. Nothing could stop them. Eventually only narcotics could slow them down enough that I was able to return to work.
Two or three years ago doctors started suggesting a new treatment idea, pregnancy. They predicted that the hormones from a pregnancy could act as a “reset” for my body. That it may stop the migraines completely. My husband and I were leery of course they wouldn’t do a hormone treatment to mimic pregnancy, they wanted us to simply roll the dice.
December 23, 2015 the pain abruptly and completely stopped. A week later I called my friend on my lunch break and told her I didn’t know what was “wrong”. I wasn’t in pain. I hadn’t been in pain. Her response was simple “I bet you’re pregnant.” I took a home pregnancy test and sure enough I was.
At the first appointment the doctor gave us another surprise, twins. At seven months pregnant and still pain free the doctor gave us more good news, I probably wouldn’t have another migraine again.
On my birthday this year I underwent a c-section and delivered two healthy and wonderful baby girls. Two months post partum and I am STILL pain free.
My husband and I started calling our girls “magical unicorn babies” while in utero. They gave me my life back. I no longer need a wheelchair for activities outside my home. I no longer have painful twitches in my arms, legs and head. My service dogs, who once were ready to catch me if I fell are now finding themselves with a lot of free time.
At one time I only had thirteen pain free days over the course of three years. Next week I will celebrate three hundred days in a row pain free.”

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