She Decided To Help A Man In Need. But, When She Does So? He Gets A Text That Shocks Her.

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As Facebook user, Kenyada Waters, sat in her car, she spotted a man standing on the side of the road with a sign. The sign said he was laid off from work and was looking for any sort of help. While a majority of people would just ignore this man, Kenyada decided to talk to him.

She asked about his life situation and what got him to the point of begging. The response she got was not only heart breaking but also eye opening. This man wasn’t looking for a “hand out” or an easy way to fuel a substance addiction.

He was in a situation that people rarely think about when seeing a beggar. However, millions of people are experiencing it and it could happen to any of us. See the entire story for yourself, check it out below.

Today I saw a man standing on the side of the road with a sign! And God told me to give him my card and hire him to do some labor work for my business!


Kenyada Waters

I walked over to him and I gave him my business card and told him a little bit about my business and what he can help me with! He began to tell me about how he got laid off a few months ago and has really been struggling to keep his feet on the ground he’s on the verge of being evicted from his apartment and he was so embarrassed to be standing on the side of the road asking for money but he had to do what he has to do to get his cell phone cut back on so he could get hired!


He repeatedly said that he wasn’t a lazy bum he is a tree climber and cutter and has worked in that field for 20 years! He just a good guy having a hard time and had exhausted all of his resources! He said that people would drive past him and yell out get a job you stupid lazy bum not knowing he has submitted over 20 applications and have not heard anything back! Then with his cell phone being cut off he had no way for businesses to get in contact with him he would have to call in and check on his application which resulted in him missing a lot of jobs!!!! So God told me to pay for his cell phone and not only did I pay for it one month but I paid for two months!!!! This man cried in AT&T! I told him it was all God! And to not let ignorance hurt him!


Kenyada Waters

The point of me sharing this is to show that there is power and purpose in being obedient to God!

As soon as his cell phone got cut back on he got a text message and he read it to me while we were at lunch! It was from one of the job that he applied to saying that he could possibly have a job in two weeks in Kenai!!!! Wow!!!!!! Gods timing is perfect!

Stop judging the homeless and struggling! Not everyone is lazy and an addict! It might be you one day! Extend your hand don’t point it!

Pray for Richard that he can get the money he needs to keep his place! I spent 2 hours with him and we are now friends!

If you see him help or if you know a tree company hiring please let me know I have his number!!!


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