He Saw Something Strange On His Car.. When He Gets Closer? He Never Expected To See THIS!

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As Reddit user, B4DILLAC, walked towards his car, he saw something peculiar on his windshield. From the distance, he assumed it was an advertisement or a flyer of some sort. However, those assumptions turned out to be completely wrong.

The paper on his windshield was actually a handwritten note from a stranger. The stranger, who chooses to remain anonymous, noticed B4DILLAC’s purple heart license plates. He decided to thank him for his service in a special way.

The anonymous stranger wrote a short but sweet thank you message. He also attached ten dollars to the note so that B4DILLAC could go buy himself some lunch. Feeling touched, B4DILLAC quickly snapped a photo of the note.



If you’re having trouble reading the note, we have typed it out for you:

Lunch is on me, soldier! Thank you for your dedicated service –

From a retired Marine chopper pilot –

Semper Fi

It was a simple gesture but it spoke volumes about the character of the former Marine pilot. Since B4DILLAC  posted the photo on Facebook, it has gone viral across the United States. One small deed has influenced thousands of people to thank their local veterans!

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