Man Walks Into Stables. When He Looks At His Horse, He Sees The Most UNEXPECTED Thing.

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We here at Rosey News love to share stories about unlikely animal friendships. Not only are these stories incredibly cute but they also send us a powerful message. If the creatures that we deem as less intelligent than us can get along, why can’t we humans do the same with each other?

After all, we’re capable of communicating with one another, understanding logic, and we have an emotional depth that unmatched by any other living species on this earth. Yet, often times, we display a level of hatred and violence towards each other that is far worse than any animal.

Today, we’re going to be sharing another one of these unlikely animal friendships with you. In this particular video, the unlikely pair of friends is a dog and a horse. What they do together is just off the walls adorable!

As the video starts, you’re going to see a dog standing on his hind legs. He is trying to reach his buddy who happens to be in a stable. Due to the size of the door and height of the dog, he is able to reach the horse successfully.

Once in place, the dog and horse exchange kisses for a prolonged period of the time! You simply need to see the video in order to appreciate the moment. Check it out below.


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