Man Walks Up To The Horse Lying Down. When The Camera Zooms In? Oh My…

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In Romania, some local horse owners like to tie their horses’ legs with steel chains. They believe that by doing so, they could restrict their movements and prevent them from running away.

Ovidiu Rosu, a veterinarian and member of Austrian charity Four Paws International, stumbled upon such a horse while he was in Romania.

In order to help the horse, Ovidiu and his team had to use a tranquilizer on him first. When they were finally able to take a closer look at his ankles, they saw exactly what they expected.

After wearing the chains for months or maybe even years, the horse’s ankles have become severely injured. Once the camera zooms in and shows you the cut, you will definitely be heartbroken.

At the end, Ovidiu freed him by cutting off his chains. Wait till you see how the horse thanked him. It’s a very touching moment.

Watch the video below!


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