Man Sees 2 Police Officers In A Restaurant Then He Decides To Start A Prayer Circle For Them.

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As Facebook user, Courtney Goodwin, ate at a subway restaurant, something unexpected happened. A man suddenly walked in and approached a group of policemen who happened to be eating lunch. Judging by the man’s body language, she assumed that he must be a friend of the officers.

However, that assumption turned out to be slightly incorrect. The man wasn’t a friend, he was simply a citizen who was concerned for the safety of law enforcement officials. Within a minute or so, the stranger put his arms around the officers and said a loud prayer for them.

Courtney quickly snapped a photo of the beautiful moment. She shared it on Facebook with her friends and it just took off from there. Today, it has well over 225,000 likes, 75,000 shares, and thousands of positive comments.

“These officers face dangers every day that we couldn’t even begin to imagine. A few bad cops don’t represent the entire force, just as a few bad apples of any particular race shouldn’t represent the entire race. This world needs a lot of prayer and it warms my heart seeing such an open act of regard for one another.” Courtney writes on Facebook.


Courtney Goodwin

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