This Man Found A Hidden Note At The Airport. Now, He Wants You To See It.

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Going through life, we all have our own goals and dreams to pursue. But most of the time, before we are even close to reaching them, we would run into obstacles that can slow us down or even prevent us from going further. This is when we need support and inspiration in order to keep moving forward; we need the power that can revitalize our mind, body, and soul when we are down.

Inspiration doesn’t come by that often. But when it comes, it’s normally when you least expect it. The following story proves just that.

A man at the San Francisco Airport noticed there was a note on an empty chair. It had “Read Me” written on it. Then, he grabbed the note and started reading it. After he finished reading, he was completely overwhelmed, because he’d never expected something like this on a normal day. It was an amazing gift and he knew he had to share this special note with all of us. It’s a little long but it will move your heart. Here it is.



Besides this letter, there was also a pendant inside.





It can be a little hard to read from the picture. Here’s the typed version:


Source : Reddit


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