It Looks Like A Simple Picture Of 2 Cops. But Wait, There’s More..It Has Gone Super Viral!

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In the United States, the reputation of police officers in general is seriously injured. And this is all because of the actions of a small group of corrupted officers.

The saddest thing is, even the truly admirable and kind hearted officers are being treated the same way around the country.

Everyday, they put their lives on the line to protect us. It is simply unfair to criticize them with hateful comments, which are often seen on the Internet.

Now, we would like you to meet the two officers in the picture below. Their names are Steven and Brittany, who are also husband and wife.

Tired of all the Internet threats she has received, Brittany decided to make a post on Facebook to remind everybody who she truly is. Ever since this post was shared, it has gotten thousands of shares and supportive comments.

Check it out below!



officers 1



officers 2



officers 3

If you are touched by this, share it with all your friends to show support for police officers!


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